Patsy Lyn Caterers: Our History

Chinese, Local and International Cuisine Catering in Jamaica No phrase better applies to Patsy Lyn Caterers Limited (PLC) than "phenomenal growth." In 1974 Patsy Lyn opened her heart to the adventurous appetites of Jamaicans, having a deep desire for high-quality, mouth-watering cuisine. On discovery of her exceptional talent, Patsy decided to expand her dream as a successful caterer and later brought her fine dining menus to the gates of West Camp Close in St. Andrew. She was the driving force behind PLC's continuous strides.

Having quickly established a reputation for her culinary creativity, boundless energy and an eye for detail, Patsy's long-term vision became more and more real and has kept the company going for thirty (30) of the most productive and rewarding years one could ever envisage. In 2005 death reared its ugly head, only a little too soon, and took Patsy out of our lives; shattering her long-live dream forever. While her death took a toll on those whose lives she had so impacted, memories of her will still be imprinted in our hearts forever.

Chinese, Local and International Cuisine Catering in Jamaica Since Patsy's death the company has been vigorously managed by the indomitable extraordinary, Neville Lyn, who, like his sister, is fully dedicated to the catering needs of the Jamaican populace, both near and far. Mr. Lyn has not only been the General Manager of PLC for the past 25 years but has assumed the position of Managing Director and is the powerhouse behind several dynamic changes made at Patsy Lyn Caterers for the past five (5) years.

PLC's Mission Statement which describes what we do best, is "To Serve With A Passion." With the combined talents of our kitchen crew, PLC now specializes in catering throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica and serves a diverse customer-base.

Clients enjoy the kinds of food that can only result from the collective experience and attention-to-detail provided by its cooking crew. Additionally, the deserts Jamaicans so longingly crave are prepared from scratch. They enjoy throwing out innovative ideas, creating signature favourites such as our escoveitched fish fillet, curried goat and the good, old juicy Crispy Pork which undoubtedly is the most famous pork of all times. We show in no uncertain terms, that the special quality of our product and service is worth the premium price our loyal, hardworking customers pay.